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The popularity of French drains stems from the fact that they are extremely effective drainage devices. Here are some reasons why you would need a French drain:

Water Overflow?

A French drain does exactly what it sounds like, it’s used for drainage! When you notice water overflowing and pooling in your yard, it might be indicative of water flooding your soil, and could severely mess with the structure and foundation of your property.

Soggy Lawn? 

A soggy lawn is another good indicator of surface water issues, and your water is not properly draining. Pay close attention if this is occurring more than just after rain showers. If you’re experiencing surface water, shallow French drains installed in an upstream position will prevent water from flowing downhill to the area you want to keep dry.

Basement Flooding? 

Basements are closer to the ground, making them extra vulnerable to high moisture levels, flooding, and leaks. If you have a leaky faucet or pipe in your home, or are exposed to a lot of rain, a basement drain is an option you may highly benefit from.

Retaining Wall?

A French drain is a fantastic option if you have or are going to build a retaining wall. Retaining walls protect your home by preventing erosion. A French drain will keep water from flowing back towards your foundation and accumulating at the bottom of your wall.

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Friendly Service with Care

We understand there is a lot that goes into a complete installation of a drainage system and how this can feel like a lot–not just time commitments, but also financial. We also recognize this is a growing field, and not many are able to provide this service with the proper knowledge and equipment. To ease some of these concerns, we believe in arriving on time and doing the job well the first time while providing good value for your money. Aside from that, we also believe in doing what we can to make you feel comfortable with asking any questions and sharing your concerns with us. After all, honesty and transparency are at our core.

Your Low Soil Quality Won’t Heal Itself

If you’re worried about any of these, it’s time to take your water drainage seriously. 

  • Damage to your foundation?
  • Soil quickly eroding?
  • Water damage to your basement?
  • Severe interior leakage?
  • Excess water causing unleveled land?

Don’t procrastinate on protecting the foundation of your home. Water can wreak havoc on your structure. Installing a French drain will slow down, and even prevent this from occurring.

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When you’re in need of a French drain system, chances are, your foundation and soil has suffered through some water damage and is especially critical once it’s reached the interior of your home. We offer quick quotes, connections, and services so that you can get your lawn back to itself and protect your home from irreversible damage.

Superior Suppliers

For the safety, performance, and impact resistance of their products, our suppliers are chosen from among the best in their area. When you get a French drain installed by our company, you can trust that it will withstand its life expectancy of 30+ years.

Specialized Maintenance

French drains can last several decades, and even more when they are properly maintained and kept up with needed repairs. Our team not only installs them from the start but will make sure to keep your system up to date on its needed upkeep. Even if your drainage system was not installed by us, we are able to provide you with exceptional repairs, troubleshooting advice, and any maintenance it may be due for.

We want to help you with your French Drains

Water management is not only something we specialize in, but also something we feel is vital to protecting your home. We know that not every property and the existing system looks the same, meaning they will all need to be approached differently. With our years of experience in this specific field, our high-end goods, and distinctive French drain installation methods, we can provide you with an efficient, lasting, and convenient system that protects your property from water infiltration concerns. RMZ Landscape Services is happy to give the greatest possible home services experience to our customers.

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